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Simbolo Pegasus cad-cam
Pegasus cad-cam team

Pegasus cad-cam is the distinctive brand name of Tecno Program.

Simbolo Pegasus cad-cam

An Italian software house that develops and markets proprietary products and acts as a partner to CNC machine tool manufacturers, anthropomorphic robots, CNC equipment integrators and manufacturers, and final users.

  • Founded in 1997, Tecno Program is distinguished by its outstanding team of young engineers, mathematicians and technicians, who have accumulated an extensive experience over the years in the development and implementation of high-level cad-cam solutions. The core of our expertise resides in the creation of sophisticated algorithms and data structures for CAD drawing and 3D modelling, together with the design of high-quality graphical user interfaces and the optimization of user interaction, both on the desktop and on the machines themselves.

  • Our wide range of applications and the contexts in which our customers operate have exposed us to a wide and diversified range of challenges, making our team increasingly specialized and flexible. This allows us to offer faster and more efficient services, adapted to the specific needs of our customers.

Product customization and customer listening.

Simbolo Pegasus cad-cam

Product customization and in-depth listening to the customer are a key element in Pegasus cad-cam’s approach. Our software has been carefully developed to meet the needs of both manufacturers and users of CNC machines and anthropomorphic robots.

Pegasus cad-cam products are available in several versions, designed to handle a wide range of machining operations on different materials. Each version comes with an intuitive guide that assists users during the learning and use process. This ease of use makes our software accessible even to those without special computer skills.

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Collaboration is the key of our work, promoting the professional growth of our team through teamwork and discussion.

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We operate with professionalism and intellectual honesty, always pursuing practical and innovative ideas.

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During the design phases of our software applications, we focus our attention on every detail to guarantee an optimal user experience.

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We provide qualified and timely technical support for all our customers and partners.

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We are constantly mobilizing to keep up with changes, keeping our software applications up to date.

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We provide multiple solutions and applications adapted to specific needs and contexts.

Numbers to tell our story.

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The numbers attest to the daily commitment that the Pegasus cad-cam team dedicates to its work, achieving its goals and always pursuing new objectives for the future.

Years of experience.


Countries served in the world.

Customized products.

Pegasus cad-cam software solutions

Simbolo Pegasus cad-cam

Explore the capabilities of different versions of our software.

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Our software solutions

Simbolo Pegasus cad-cam

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  • Stone
  • Wood
  • Mech
Milling stone image

Milling Stone


Rotary stone image

Rotary Stone


Cutting stone image

Cutting Stone


Coutertops stone image

Coutertops Stone


Waterjet stone image

Rotary Stone


Milling wood image

Milling Wood


Lathe wood image

Lathe Wood


Panel wood image

Panel Wood


Doors wood image

Doors Wood


Nesting Pro wood image

Nesting Pro Wood


Mech software products image

Milling Mech


Supported machines and partners

Simbolo Pegasus cad-cam

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Come visit us.

Località Drove 2G, c/o Centro Direzionale Exit, scala D int.37 - 53036 Poggibonsi (SI), ITALY

Monday - Friday 8:30am –1:00pm / 2:00pm –5:30pm

closed Saturday and Sunday


+39 0577 1910523

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